The asbl Tibetan Development Fund has been created in 1980 to help the Tibetan refugees established in Jampa Ling, 23 km of Pokhara.

At that time, the refugees survived in miserable huts and the infant mortality there was very high for lack of drinking water, of food and hygiene.

To attend to the most urgent things first, TDF built there at first a day-nursery and a tank of drinking water, then got down to the setting up of a system of sponsorings, to the construction of a school and a boarding school for the children of the camp and the housing for the teachers.


The school currently has more than 300 children.




1) The school and children’s studies : 35 € a month.


2) Scholarships for the most brilliant students. Admission in Indian universities is expensive. Co-sponsorships are possible : 50 € a month.


3) Technical training for the youth (Thangka painting, hotel trade, cosmetician, etc.) : from 10 € a month.


4) Helping families in difficulty : every possible help makes a big difference.


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