In 1959, 10 years after the invasion of Tibet by China, thousands of Tibetans follow the Dalai Lama in his exile in India. Children arrive without their parents. The Dalai Lama, aware of the importance of their education, asks his sister to take care of them. Very fast, the first Tibetan Children Village (TCV = Village of Tibetan children) is created in Dharamsala and a system of sponsoring is set up to finance the education of those children.

In 1960, 51 children were under the supervision of TCV. From 1992, TDF got mainly involved into the TCV of Suja.


Today, among the more than 15.000 people taken care by TCV, we find children come from Tibet, others born in India (the second and third generation) or children from Himalayan regions of Tibetan culture (India and Nepal) and young adults, studying in higher schools, among others in the new university based by TCV in Bangalore in the South of India.




The studies of the students : 35 € per month.


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