«  The asbl Tibetan Development Fund aims at helping the Tibetans and the inhabitants of the Himalayan regions of Tibetan culture, using all appropriate means , to make known and to protect their culture, as well as to defend their rights and their interests. »


( from : Statutes of TDF ) 



Three key projects:

- The village of JAMPA LING (Western Nepal, near Pokhara)

   Since 1980, TDF supports the school by:

   -- providing healthy food

   -- providing school materials: pen & paper, books…

   -- providing salary for the staff

   -- building a kindergarten, library and classrooms


- 7 Tibetan Children’s Villages all over India

  Since 2002, TDF is active in:

   -- sponsoring several hundreds of Tibetan children from 5 to 20 years old

   -- purchasing didactic materials and equipping a junior science laboratory


- Lingshed area (Ladakh, Indian Himalaya)

  Since 2002, TDF has:

   -- sponsored the opening of a boarding house in Ladakh’s capital to allow young children to grow up in their Tibetan culture and to attend betters schools than those in their deprived and very remote village (4000 meters high, rough and long winters)

   -- provided salary for the staff



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